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Our Approach

Thoughtful Food to Nourish Body & Mind

The Bishop's Ranch Kitchen invites guests to slow down and enjoy a meal together. Community grows when we gather at the dining table, open our hearts, and nourish our bodies and minds with good food and the company of others. 


We serve three buffet-style meals a day in our light-filled Refectory, featuring seasonal ingredients from our two Ranch Gardens and fruit trees. What we don’t grow ourselves, we source from local farmers and family businesses. Our grains and flour are often sourced from local, organic, fair-trade companies. We make as much as possible from scratch and limit the amount of processed foods in our dishes.


Meals at The Ranch Kitchen aim to transport guests home with dishes ranging from homemade focaccia to tandoori chicken. We strive to keep our menus innovative with creative new vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, coupled with the timeless Ranch Recipes that countless guests have come to know and love.


We also strive to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. We work hard to reduce kitchen waste by saving our prep food scraps to compost back into our gardens – always aiming to put back what we take from the planet. 


Pull up a seat and dig in - we are so happy to have you at the table.

The Refectory

Enjoy meals in our light-filled dining hall, known as The Refectory. This gathering space boasts a large fireplace and expansive views of the Mayacama mountain range and vineyards of the Russian River Valley.

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