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Group Reservations

Our reservations specialists will help you create a customized package for your group, ensuring that your time at The Ranch nurtures your spirit, mind, and body.



Aerial view of Ranch House and pool

Sample Packages

Our Sample Packages offer examples of what is possible for your group. Let our reservations team guide you in creating a custom package to fit the needs and desires of your unique group.

Pricing Structure + Booking Policies

We give priority booking to Exclusive Use groups. Exclusive Use gives your group the most flexible use of The Ranch and all its shared amenities. When not booking Exclusive Use, we do our best to pair groups and dates that best utilize The Ranch facilities and staff time.


For non-Exclusive Use groups, our pricing structure is “By Building"

  • Your group commits to each building and its set fee.

  • Each building in your contract will have a Ranch-determined “up to X number of guests” assigned to it.

    • The set building fee will include lodging, meal package, and use fees for any number of guests up to that Ranch-determined number.

    • You can bring any number of guests up to that number before incurring an extra per-person charge.

    • For additional guests beyond the 'up to' number of guests for each building, there will be a flat fee for lodging, use, and meals.

  • All lodging and meeting spaces you intend to use during your retreat must be included in your reservation.


It is up to your group to decide how to charge individuals to make up the total for your contract. Our model is intended to give groups the autonomy and freedom to decide how they wish to occupy the spaces. Many groups find that planning for two or more paying adults per room works well for them, while other groups charge more and plan for single occupancy.


Recurring Groups (Including Episcopal Diocese of California Parishes) get priority booking. Many of our groups return year after year. We hope that once you experience The Ranch, your group will become a recurring group as well. As a recurring group, you will receive the benefit of confirming your dates for next year’s retreat before we open reservations for new groups.


Email us at or give us a call at 707-433-2440.

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