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Spiritual Exile & Seeds of Promise:
A Livestream Teaching & Meditation with John Philip Newell

Saturday, February 13, 2021
10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time

Celebrated Celtic teacher, John Philip Newell, will tell the story of his own spiritual
exile as a way of addressing the much bigger story of spiritual exile in the Western
world today and the search for new beginnings spiritually, politically, and
ecologically. Countless numbers of women and men, many of whom are grateful for
the essence of their religious inheritance, are nevertheless looking well beyond the
walls of their religious inheritance to find nourishment and strength of vision. The
yearnings that are at the heart of this search hold within themselves seeds of
promise for the way forward. In this livestream session we will reflect together on
both the hunger and the hope of spiritual exile today.
The presentation by John Philip will be followed by a shared online meditation as
well as the opportunity to submit questions and comments to the moderator of our
livestream gathering, some of which John Philip will be able to respond to during the
one-hour session.

This livestream event is a collaboration of Earth & Soul ( with
the following:
Montreat Conference Center NC (
San Damiano Retreat CA (
The Bishop’s Ranch Retreat & Conference Center CA (