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Fall Hike – Autumn at the Ranch – FULL*

October 14, 2023
9:30am – 3:00pm
$30/person, sack lunch included

Spend a Saturday walking the little-known trails of The Bishop’s Ranch and explore its many habitats. Situated on rugged terraces above the Russian River, the Ranch lies between the conifer forests to the west and north and the heavily cultivated river floodplain with remnant riparian forest to the east. The hills and ridges offer spectacular views of the river valley’s unique geography. Julie Miller will guide this rambling walk with a special eye towards discovering viewpoints from which to enjoy the autumn sights.
*To join the waitlist, please register for the hike.


A Day of Yoga with Marie Hirsch

November 11, 2023
9:30am – 4:00pm
$95/person, lunch included

Use breath and meditation to deepen your understanding and appreciation of yoga. Our focus will be on choosing what opens your heart, supports your health, and uncovers your inner wisdom. You will be guided and encouraged to move past your resistance into a state of peace, clarity, and joy. After a morning of active, uplifting asana practice, focused on raising the energy and creating a sense of strength and lightness, in the afternoon, we will practice Restorative/Yin Yoga, moving into increased levels of awareness and stillness.


Song and Silence with Devi Mathieu

November 14-16, 2023
2 nights/6 meals (Tuesday dinner-Thursday lunch)
$225 – Commuter (meals included)
$375 – Shared occupancy
$550 – Single occupancy

Join a circle of voices in experiencing Hildegard’s music the way she shared it with those around her, through a gentle, contemplative process of listening, then singing what we hear. St. Hildegard of Bingen—a 12th century sage, visionary, healer, naturalist, poet, counselor, and composer—has blessed us with a rich legacy of spirit-lifting, heart-opening music. Her songs are encoded with wisdom and inspiration and stir the spirits of everyone who sings them. Savor the ringing silence that follows song and feel warmed and strengthened as the music settles in your heart. Enjoy plenty of quiet time for rest and rejuvenation in the tranquil beauty of the Ranch.

Open to singers of all levels of experience. Some singing background is helpful; prior training in medieval music or the music of St. Hildegard is not needed.

Devi Mathieu has been singing the music of St. Hildegard for more than 20 years, as a concert soloist, as a teacher, and as a seeker of wisdom.


Quiet Days in Advent

December 7-11, 2023 
4 nights/12 meals (Thursday dinner-Monday lunch)
$495 – Double occupancy (per person)
$695 – Single occupancy

Join us for our annual contemplative Advent retreat amidst the beauty, peace, and hospitality of The Bishop’s Ranch. This year’s Advent retreat will be curated and overseen by our Chaplain, Fr. Brendan E. Williams, CMR, who is also a monastic Prior, professional spiritual director, theologian, and experienced teacher of contemplative practices. Fr. Brendan will be joined by Fr. John Kirkley—a parish priest, retreat leader, and teacher of centering prayer—as well as other clergy and lay leaders who will collaboratively offer teaching, guided meditations, spiritual direction, and communal Liturgy, including a daily Mass. As in years past, Anne Blanton will offer prayerful movement sessions throughout the retreat. Some resources for private prayer will be provided to each retreatant. Whether you are long experienced with the practice of quiet, contemplative retreat or exploring a new experience, we invite you to nourish your soul in the depth and contemplative quietude of Advent at the Ranch.

Massages by Anya will be available on Friday and Saturday of the retreat for an additional fee. 


Wisdom of the Heart with Kayleen Asbo

December 15-17, 2023
2 nights/6 meals (Friday dinner-Sunday lunch)
$350 – Commuter (meals included)
$475 – Shared occupancy
$650 – Single occupancy

Experience the ancient treasures of contemplative practices that can nourish your spirit in a weekend that weaves together story, image, song and silence. Our days will intersperse times of silence with music, art and contemporary poetry as we draw on the wisdom of the mystic tradition. This year, our theme is the longing for sacred union. We will use the poetry of Rumi, John of the Cross and the Song of Songs as a doorway to exploration.

There will be a feast of contemplative practices: chanting and singing, Labyrinth walks, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, a candlelit Taizé service, and the creation of Earth Art mandalas. Deepen your journey during your free time through creating soul collage cards in the art room, hiking the beautiful trails or reading in front of the fire.

The meals at this retreat are all vegetarian. If you require animal protein in your diet, please indicate that on the profile sheet when you register. 


Epiphany Reflection Day with Bishop Marc

January 6, 2024
9:30am – 5:00pm
$95/person, lunch included

Gather together with other seekers to consider the themes of the season of Epiphany, the season of the revelation of light to the world, which begins in the dark with the story of the wise men following the star to the cave. The season offers a beautiful way to lift our hearts and eyes to the cosmos and to the reality of the expansiveness of divine creative energy at work in darkness and in light. Scholar, cosmologist, advocate for the earth, chef, ecclesiastic, enthusiastic philosopher, historian, bishop, and perhaps most of all, teacher, The Dr. Rt. Rev. Marc Handley Andrus will be our guide for a day that will lay claim in fresh ways to the ancient practice of turning to the light—in company with others who have traveled to the Ranch for a day of ideas, discussion, music, and prayer.


Ranch Quilt Retreat – FULL* 

February 4-8, 2024
4 nights/12 meals (Sunday dinner-Thursday lunch)
$395 – Commuter (meals included)
$595 – Double occupancy 
$895 – Single occupancy

Make time for those unfinished projects or new endeavors at a four-night quilt retreat. With all meals provided and no chores in sight, beginning through advanced quilters can truly focus on their passion. You’ll have time to be with old friends and the opportunity to make new ones while working on your own projects or sharing your creativity with other participants. This retreat is intended to give you the time you need for yourself without formal instruction or sales pitches.
*To automatically join the waitlist, please register for the retreat. 


Rediscovering Celtic Wisdom with John Philip Newell

February 9-11, 2024
2 nights/6 meals (Friday dinner-Sunday lunch)
Per person pricing:
$400 – Commuter (meals included)
$495 – Standard occupancy (3-4 people per room)
$575 – Double occupancy 
$825 – Single occupancy

A three-day retreat of teaching and spiritual practice with John Philip Newell and Cami Twilling, focusing on the lost wisdom of the Celtic world in relation to the sacredness of Earth and every human being. This is the second of a three-part series of retreats on Celtic Wisdom offered by the School of Earth & Soul. (For more information, see ‘Celtic Wisdom 2’ on our website:


The Great Search with John Philip Newell

February 12-14, 2024
2 nights/6 meals (Monday dinner-Wednesday lunch)
Per person pricing:
$400 – Commuter (meals included)
$495 – Standard occupancy (3-4 people per room)
$575 – Double occupancy 
$825 – Single occupancy

A three-day retreat of teaching and spiritual practice with John Philip Newell and Cami Twilling, focusing on the yearnings of Earth and the human soul today in an age of spiritual transition. This is the second of a three-part series of retreats offered by the School of Earth & Soul. (For more information, see ‘Great Search 2’ on our website: