Chapel of St. George


Schedule of Worship

Day Worship Time
Tuesday-Saturday Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
7:30 am
6:00 pm
Sunday Eucharist 9:30 am


Worship at The Ranch

We welcome you to join in the worship life of The Ranch. This invitation is extended to those on retreat, attending meetings or workshops, and to guests and neighbors.

Morning and evening prayer are offeredy in the Chapel of St. George. These simple prayer services offer an opportunity for silence and for praise and thanksgiving. Our Volunteer Prayer Resident generally leads the service.

We invite you to join us for Sunday worship at 9:30 AM in the Chapel of St George located on the hill at the Ranch. Our practice is to worship not only in word and sacrament but also in silence. We begin in silence, and there is a silence following each of the readings. After the silence that follows the gospel reading we invite you to share your own reflections on the passages or themes of the day if you wish. This time of sharing is not so much a dialogue, but a simple offering—short silences surrounding each reflection give us an opportunity to digest what has been said.

In addition, special feast and fast days are kept: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve. Please contact our Chaplain if you have questions. If you come to the chapel by car, we ask that you park in the lower parking lot and walk up the hill to the chapel. There are a few parking spaces at the top of the hill for those who cannot do so.

The Chapel is available for individual use. There is a notice posted on the front door that indicates when the chapel is in use by groups. When it is not in use, individuals are welcome to come in for quiet, prayer, and meditation.

The Chapel of St. Georgechapelspring

  • The Chapel of St. George was built in 1955 as a chapel peculiar of Grace Cathedral under the leadership of Bishop Karl Morgan Block. It was the first new building constructed after the Diocese of California purchased the Ranch from the White family in 1947.
  • Saint George was, according to tradition, a Roman soldier in the Guard of Diocletian. One of the most venerated saints in the Anglican Church, he is considered the patron saint of England and also of farmers. He is immortalized in the legend of his defeat of a dragon about to devour a princess. He was martyred in 303 for refusal to worship pagan gods.
  • The Windows on the north wall, in the sanctuary, and in the nave are the work of glass artist Irmi Steding. The guiding idea of the windows in the sanctuary is to provide non-representational inspiration for meditation. The windows in the nave follow the theme of the song-prayer of St. Francis, the Canticle of the Sun.
  • Franciscans managed the Ranch and offered daily worship in the Chapel from the mid-70s through the mid-80s.
  • Prayer Resident Program – The Volunteer Prayer Resident is a short-term position, from one to four months. The prayer resident leads daily morning and evening prayer and takes part in the spiritual life and the ministry of hospitality at the Ranch. [More information and application.]
  • Baptismal Font – As you enter the chapel, you come to our beautiful baptismal font, handcrafted by two local artists: Philip Caswell and Caryl Castleberry. Mr. Caswell crafted the stand and Ms. Castleberry, sculpted the bronze bowl.
  • Chapel Furnishings – Beautiful new chairs were installed at the Chapel of St. George the end of October, 2014. They give us maximum flexibility to meet the worship needs of different groups.