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Volunteer Prayer Resident Program

The Bishop's Ranch, Westside Road, Healdsburg, CA, USA

Job Type

Volunteer, Short-term

About the Role

Daily prayer is an integral part of the life of worship at the Chapel of St. George. Prayer Residents lead weekday services and meditation sessions and help The Ranch Chaplain to maintain the Chapel as a warm, welcoming, sacred space for all guests and community members. Both lay and ordained persons of all faith traditions are welcome to apply.


  • Lead morning and evening prayers and accompanying times of silent meditation, five days a week in The Chapel of St. George

  • Set up the Chapel before the morning and evening meditation session/service (set out bulletins, light candles, etc.)

  • Help the Chaplain tend to the Chapel space, prepare for Sunday worship, and other small duties as they arise

  • Work collegially with all Ranch staff and assist with tasks pertaining to the daily operations of the Ranch

  • Assist as needed with groups using the Chapel as part of their program at the Ranch

  • Take part in a Chapel or Ranch-related project - see examples in "Additional Information" below


  • Familiarity with Episcopal worship

  • Commitment to daily prayer and silent prayer time

  • Flexibility and willingness to help where needed

  • Experience leading worship is helpful, but not required

  • Ability to serve for a month (some flexibility in scheduling)


This is a short-term volunteer position offered in exchange for room and board. Accommodations include a comfortable studio below the Chapel (private bath and kitchenette), and most meals served in the Refectory.

Additional Information

The Prayer Resident typically serves for a month, though there is some flexibility in scheduling. Volunteers have two days off each week. The Prayer Resident works cooperatively with the Ranch staff and is expected to assist the team should unusual circumstances occur. The Prayer Residents' duties include contributing some other work to The Ranch and/or the Chapel congregation during their time in residence. Examples include leading a workshop on a topic the Prayer Resident is passionate about, helping the Chaplain with a particular project in the Chapel, or helping with a project elsewhere on campus. This project is to be discerned with the Chaplain in advance, as one’s application is being reviewed and discussed.

Weekday Prayer Schedule

Morning Prayer is offered at 7:30 AM, and Evening Prayer at 6:00 PM. Both services are preceded by a half hour of silent prayer time in the Chapel, led by the Prayer Resident. Leading the liturgies and meditation sessions takes up more than two hours a day, including set-up and clean-up time.

Often the weekday liturgies in the Chapel are sparsely attended. It is important to note that we offer these services in order to participate in the worldwide circle of prayer and to offer daily prayers for the Ranch, its staff, and for those for whom our prayers have been requested. As would also be the case in a monastery, it is an important value for us here at the Ranch that prayer for the Church and the world is happening here every day, in an unbroken way. The size of the worshiping congregation is less important than the fact that the flame of prayer is kept burning.

Prayer Format

Daily prayers at the Ranch follow the general form of the Episcopal tradition, but contain considerable silence and fewer words than the Book of Common Prayer Morning or Evening Prayer services. These are contemplative liturgies. They have set forms, but are also spacious and offer some flexibility. The Chaplain will let you know the parameters, and will make sure you have the resources you need.

For further information email the Ranch Chaplain at

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