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Volunteer Host Program

The Bishop's Ranch, Westside Road, Healdsburg, CA, USA

Job Type

Volunteer, Part-time

About the Role

Volunteer Hosts are an integral part of The Bishop’s Ranch community and team. Hosts provide gracious hospitality to all our guests, volunteers, residents and staff. The Volunteer Host’s primary responsibility is to attend to the needs of guests and groups while they are at The Bishop’s Ranch. The host is “on call” and responds to guests’ needs and questions as they arise. The volunteer host position is a great way to meet more of the guests who love The Bishop’s Ranch, serve with The Ranch staff, and give back to the place that is so important to so many of us.

We ask that all hosts in this program commit to a minimum of two hosting assignments per year.


A full list of responsibilities can be found in "Additional Information" below.

  • Serve a minimum of two 3-5 day hosting assignments per year

  • Prepare for group arrival

  • Conduct thorough walkthroughs of lodging and meeting facilities and other amenities before group arrivals, during their stays, and after group departures

  • Welcome groups and address their needs throughout the stay

  • Ensure facilities are neat and in working order throughout groups’ stays

  • Provide support in the Refectory during meal times

  • Keep Ranch Facilities team informed of maintenance action items

  • Assist with linen/garbage/recycling pickup after group departure


  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Good attention to detail

  • Understanding of AV equipment

  • With initial direction, able to complete tasks alone

  • Able to lift and carry tools and objects while walking over the property

  • Able to lift 20 pounds unassisted and 40 pounds with assistance

  • Environmental and religious sensitivity

  • Able to adapt to flexible scheduling, including weekends


Volunteer Hosts are offered modest lodging accommodations during their stay and meals. In gratitude, when rooms are available, volunteer hosts may stay at The Ranch an additional day before or after their scheduled hosting service.

Additional Information

Volunteer Hosts commit to:

  1. Full day of training specifically for Volunteer Hosts

  2. Trial weekend with another host before being put on the Volunteer Host rotation

  3. Serving a minimum of two 3-5 day hosting assignments per year

Responsibility Details: 

Prepare for Group Arrival:

  • Conduct thorough walk through prior to guests’ arrival making sure meeting and lodging rooms are safe, ready and welcoming for groups

  • Make sure exterior lighting is operating at dusk and that welcoming interior lights are on if guests are arriving after dark

  • Check heating/cooling systems settings so that rooms are comfortable for group arrival

  • Equipment setup and tested prior to use by guests, including AV equipment

  • Fireplace and fire circle areas are clean and have firewood, starters and matches available for guest use

  • Check and clean the pool area before and after groups. Blow leaves, skim pool as needed, reset chairs, pool toys etc

  • See that linen receptacles and trash areas are ready for use

Lodging and Meeting Facilities:

  • Conduct regular walk arounds, as appropriate to respect guests’ space, of all facilities to ensure that everything is neat and in working order.

  • Report maintenance and repair issues to Facilities and Land department (FLD). If the issue has an immediate impact on guests (e.g. malfunctioning toilet, shower, heating or cooling systems, property damage, etc…) text or call Director of Hospitality Operations

  • Raking leaves and other cleanup of Ranch House Courtyard and Pavilion as needed and time permits.

Host Groups in Residence:

  • Remain on The Ranch premises while serving as the on call host on duty

  • Host groups as scheduled

  • Greet and welcome arriving groups

  • Attend meals to act as liaison between groups and kitchen

  • Make announcements

  • Be on-call and available to respond to group needs

  • Follow guidelines in hosting manual

  • Respond to urgent maintenance or safety issues at night and on weekends: keep Facilities staff informed of action items.

  • Keep FLD Request form link on phone to report maintenance and repair issues.

  • Walk campus in the morning and evening to check that pathways are illuminated and areas are safe and ready for guest use

  • Pick up linens, garbage and recycling as needed during retreats

  • Provide serving and cleanup support at Refectory in addition to hosting

  • When hosting, check in at Refectory 30 minutes prior to each meal to provide support

Follow-up After Guest Departure:

  • Monitor energy usage; confirm that heat, cooling and lights have been turned off

  • Do linen, garbage and recycling pickup.

  • Do walk throughs of all rooms and facilities and check for needed repairs.

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