Transcript from Jack and Lisa’s video announcement

(Jack) Hi everyone, It is Jack and Lisa here. I have an announcement to make which is that I have accepted the call to be the new Communications and Design Officer at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock, Arkansas. It is a big move, but I am excited to support the mission of the cathedral and the ministry of the new dean who just started.

(Lisa) We’ll miss the Ranch. Our family story is deeply intertwined with this place. Jack and I got engaged here, our son Ivan was born and raised here, the memorial to Jack’s parents, the Trailside Sanctuary is here and we all learned to grow in God’s love through community building, through programs, camps and the opportunity to connect with you over these 24 years.

(Jack) I’ll be working here through the end of January, then making my way to Little Rock and Lisa will follow soon, but know that the Ranch (Both) will always have a place on our hearts. We love you! Bye(blows kisses).