Partnership Fund for Scholarship


This fund was established in 1993 to make the benefits of a Ranch visit open to all, regardless of financial means. Since then, hundreds of people have used the fund to participate in a retreat at the Ranch. The emphasis is on ensuring that children under 18 are able to attend events at the Ranch–either accompanying their parents or for special events for children or youth. The fund is maintained through donations from individuals, trusts and foundations. The Partnership Fund welcomes donations, which are tax-deductible, and can be made as cash via check or credit card with gifts of securities.

The Maria Kip Orphanage Fund has made a generous $10,000 challenge grant to the Partnership Fund in 2016. Your gift or pledge to the Partnership Fund, matched dollar-for-dollar by the foundation, will provide $20,000 to people who otherwise might not visit the Ranch.

Partnership Fund Stories

  • Living in the Tenderloin, the single mother despaired of her children ever experiencing the joys of the country as she did when she was growing up in a rural area. She jumped at the chance when her shelter organized a restorative weekend at the Ranch, partially funded by the Ranch Partnership Fund. Here her children walked through the oak woodlands to the treehouse, wrote prayers on a cloth and hung them from the peace pole and went swimming in the cool, blue waters of the pool. Talking with other parents and the leaders of the trip, who ate and relaxed along with the families, she went home with a renewed sense of the possibilities in life and a determination to improve her family’s circumstances.
  • The family of four had attended weekends at the Ranch in the past, but the father had suffered an injury at work and their income was reduced. After discussion, the parents had to make the sad and difficult decision to forego the annual trip to the Ranch, which had become a touchstone in their family life. The girls, ages six and eight, looked forward to coming to the Ranch during the year, talking at home about playing outside in the gardens and woods, on the tree swing near the chapel and serving themselves from the buffet table. The adults value leisurely time spent sharing a healthy meal in the Refectory, talking with other parents about child rearing, schools, or caring for elderly parents. The Ranch Partnership Fund stepped in with a grant of over four hundred dollars to make the weekend for a family of four possible.
  • A foster mother read about our Choral Music Camp and Junior High BREAD Camp programs. She knew camp would be a great experience for three of the kids in her care, and also that she could barely cover the deposit fee for each child. Often families will turn to their parish for assistance with the cost of camp not covered by diocesan scholarships, but in this case the family was not affiliated with a parish. We stepped in with money from the Partnership Fund to make sure those kids could come to camp. The mother called us after her kids got home from camp to tell us how they couldn’t stop talking about their great experience and to express her gratitude for the opportunity.

To make use of the Fund, contact the Executive Director, Advancement Director, or Guest Services Manager of The Bishop’s Ranch and provide us with information about the event, individuals, family or group that may benefit from use of the fund. The Ranch staff may be contacted by letter, facsimile, electronic mail or telephone. The fund encourages the cost of a retreat to be covered in the following way: one third from the candidate, one third from the institution and one third from the Partnership Fund, however, other arrangements can be made and the process is kept as simple as possible.

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