Chapel of St. George Furnishing Fund

Chapel Furnishings
Beautiful new chairs were installed at the Chapel of St. George the end of October. They give us maximum flexibility to meet the worship needs of different groups. Already they have been arranged and re-arranged into a multitude of worship configurations. A recent CREDO group moved them into a perfect circle, De La Salle High School arranged them into a more traditional altar-facing configuration, and the regular Sunday morning placement of the chairs in an almond-shape with three aisles on the main floor allows ample room for the piano to join the space. People have remarked about how open and spacious the chapel feels now.

The chairs have opened up the possibility of different configurations for our Eucharistic worship, and to that end we are exploring other new furnishings for the chapel. Our goals are to add to the beauty of our worship and to give us more options for worship. One example would be to move the altar down the step into the midst of the congregation or, perhaps, to have a small group gather around the altar for Eucharist in the sanctuary. A baptismal font designed to go with the altar is also being considered. We’ll have more information about these furnishings in the coming months.


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