Program Director

Full Time, Residential, Exempt Position

The Bishop’s Ranch is a self-supporting institution of the Episcopal Diocese of California whose mission is to provide hospitality for retreats, conferences, and other gatherings to the people of the Diocese of California, other churches, and non-profit, public benefit groups. Our goal is to provide these services in a personal, relaxed but efficient way that enables guests to reach their goals for spiritual, personal, and organizational growth.

In addition to hosting retreat groups, The Bishop’s Ranch offers programs and summer camps. The Bishop’s Ranch is seeking a Program Director who will be part of the senior leadership team and will be responsible for all Ranch-sponsored programs and camps. Programming at The Bishop’s Ranch is focused on Spiritual Life, the Arts, and Creation Care.

We seek an effective, collaborative, administratively gifted leader. This role is responsible for leading volunteers, seasonal staff, and contracted facilitators to carry out all The Bishop’s Ranch programming including summer camp. Success depends on developing strong working relationships and mutuality with colleagues, volunteers, Diocesan staff, partners, and others to accomplish the Ranch’s programmatic goals. All of Ranch employees are expected to offer gracious hospitality to our guests, volunteers, and staff.

The Program Director will report to and work closely with the Executive Director to align programs to the overall organizational goals and strategy. Living at the Ranch is required for the fulfillment of the job duties. Modest on-site housing is provided.

Programs: Ranch programs are offered once or twice a month and range from virtual programs to day events to week-long residential programs. 

  • Provide leadership and organization for Ranch-sponsored programs throughout the year including:
    • Organizing planned programs for adults, families, youth, and children as identified in the program plan and calendar
    • Develop and maintain relationships with program providers
    • Work with others to develop environmental education programs such as Gina’s Orchard Watershed Education and others
    • Partner with other organizations to present offerings to a wide range of people
    • Partner with both the Diocese of California and the Diocese of Northern California as well as others for spiritual program offerings 
    • Expand diversity, equity, and inclusion in Ranch programs and camps.
  • With assistance from Program Coordinator, oversee registration for Ranch programs, including summer camps 
  • Work with staff and volunteers to integrate our program areas of focus into Ranch initiatives so that all Ranch guests and staff have the opportunity to experience our programmatic focus during their stay. 
  • With Executive Director and others, identify volunteer opportunities that support programs.
  • Work with the Ranch Chaplain to oversee the volunteer Prayer Resident program. 
  • Expand volunteer program opportunities to include arts and creation care.   

Summer Camps: Ranch Summer Camps currently include two weeks of intergenerational camps, three weeks of youth overnight camps, and one week of day camp with attendance ranging from 25 to 100 campers per week. 

  • Oversee Ranch summer camp programs. This includes recruiting, hiring, training, developing, and supervising seasonal camp staff and volunteers. 
  • Promote summer camps, network, and build relationships throughout the year that build support and participation in summer camp. 
  • Oversee American Camping Association accreditation and renewal
  • Act as Summer Camp Director
  • Maintain Summer Camp calendar, checklists, operation manual, and records.
  • Recruit, interview, and hire camp staff, including Assistant Camp Director(s) and counselors
  • Recruit chaplains and nurses 
  • Develop, plan and lead the training of seasonal and volunteer staff
  • Ensure completion of additional training where appropriate
  • Develop, coach, discipline, and evaluate seasonal and volunteer camp staff
  • Recruit campers and maintain community relationships
  • Visit churches to meet campers and parents and to disseminate information
  • Connect with Youth Leaders throughout the Diocese and attend Youth Programs
  • Organize Camp alumni gatherings
  • Guide scholarship funds for best use
  • Summer Camp Development
    • Organize Summer Camp committee of current staff, chaplains, and alumni
    • Clarify goals and themes of each camp
    • Develop camp curriculum and schedules
    • Identify additional appropriate camp programs
    • Coordinate program materials and resources
    • Involve alumni and young adults to develop leadership and maintain connections to the Ranch. 

Communication and Administration

  • Work with Communication Coordinator and Program Coordinator to develop communication and marketing of Ranch programs and initiatives. 
  • Coordinate program information with staff as appropriate
  • Act as liaison to DioCal Faith Formation team and other Diocesan institutions as well as other Episcopal Dioceses (Northern CA)
  • Communicate program goals with Ranch colleagues
  • Lead and participate in team meetings 
  • Serve as a host at the Ranch as scheduled and needed. 

Additional duties as assigned 


  • Service-oriented with a deep love of people and the practice of hospitality
  • Is able to approach tasks with good humor and enthusiasm 
  • Cultural Fluency in Spanish – Language Fluency preferred
  • Invested in the success of the Ranch
  • Technologically capable, familiarity with Google Workspace and Campwise preferred.
  • Summer Camp leadership experience
  • Mindful and passionate about the intersection of faith and creation care
  • Flexible team player
  • With initial direction, able to complete tasks alone and manage time
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Strong interpersonal skills 
  • Knowledge of basic emergency response skills: contacts, CPR, AED
  • Knowledge of setting up and troubleshooting Audio-Visual equipment 
  • Volunteer management skills
  • Good attention to detail 
  • Able to lift and carry tools and objects while walking over the property 
  • Able to lift 40 pounds unassisted and 60 pounds with assistance 
  • Environmental and religious sensitivity 
  • Able to adapt to flexible scheduling, including nights and weekends 


The Bishop’s Ranch is a self-supporting institution of the Episcopal Diocese of California.

The mission of the Ranch is to serve God by providing for people of all walks of life a place where lives are changed; a place of hospitality amidst the beauty of God’s creation where renewal of spirit, mind, and body is nourished, leading to spiritual growth and closer relationships with God and one another.

We fulfill the mission of the Ranch by providing hospitality for retreats, conferences, and other gatherings to groups and individuals from the Diocese of California, other churches, and non-profit groups.  Our goal is to provide these services in a personal and relaxed but efficient way that enables guests to reach their goals for spiritual, personal, and organizational growth.

Working at The Bishop’s Ranch is service-oriented, and doing our jobs successfully is based on teamwork.  Because of the wide-ranging nature of the tasks involved in caring for our guests and facilities, it may be necessary to perform tasks outside our usual line of work.  For example: when on duty in the kitchen a guest may come in and ask where sports equipment is found; an office worker may be called to help when a guest finds a broken water valve; a maintenance worker may need to help in the kitchen when a group suddenly has increased in numbers, or a cook must leave due to illness.  The flexibility to help in such a situation in order to support our guests and the overall goals of the Ranch is a requirement of working at The Bishop’s Ranch.


  • Salary depending on experience and qualifications.
  • Employer paid health, dental, life and disability insurance.
  • 403b plan
  • Paid vacation and sick time.

Start date is negotiable with a target of December 2021.

For more information, or to apply, submit a cover letter and resume via email to or by mail:

Aaron Wright

Executive Director

The Bishop’s Ranch

5297 Westside Road

Healdsburg, California 95448