Counselor in Training

CITs will be paired with a camper cabin and counselor during the day for the duration of BREAD 1. The Counselor in Training program is an opportunity to share your talents with the camp community in a new way, while getting hands-on experience in camp leadership.

At CIT training, and continuing through BREAD 1, you will learn how to create a positive cabin environment, be a facilitator of an intentional community, address conflict resolution scenarios, lead large groups games, teach songs or skits, for example. Of course there will lots of time for campfires, pool time, arts and crafts and music. CITs will be paired with counselors to lead workshops in the afternoon, evening activities, campfires and cabin times.

Date posted: 1/4/15
Status: Volunteer Position
Category: Seasonal/Part Time
Start date: Opening in 2015

Have completed 8th grade, attendance at Volunteer Staff Training June 26th and 27th. agree to the camp staff community covenant, $200 cost for training, room and board due to The Bishop’s Ranch, fi selected. Partnership Funds are available. scholarship application.