When is payment due for a group or an individual self-directed retreat?

A 20% deposit is due along with a signed contract to hold a reservation.  The final payment is due at the time of the retreat.

Do reservations require a deposit?

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required for every reservation.

Can individuals make a reservation for a private, self-directed retreat?

The Ranch welcomes individuals for self-directed retreats when space is available.  We schedule individuals in around the groups we serve and only about two to three weeks ahead on the calendar.  To check on availability contact Leda Wagner, Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 ext. 102 or reservations@bishopsranch.org.

Is it possible to take a tour of The Bishop’s Ranch?

Absolutely, we’d love to have you come for a tour to see if the Ranch is a good fit for the needs of your group.  Please contact Leda Wagner, Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 or reservations@bishopsranch.org to make an appointment.

How many people can the Ranch accommodate?

The Bishop’s Ranch has 106 beds.  We offer a variety of occupancy levels, including double (two per room), standard (3-4 per room), or dorm (5-8 per cottage).  Limited camping space is also available.  Please contact Leda Wagner, Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 or reservations@bishopsranch.org to discuss availability and which accommodation might be right for you group.

Is there a minimum number of people required for a group?

No, but if there is no other group booked, at least 12 people are required for us to prepare meals.

Is the Ranch available for weddings?

Because of the impact they would have on group retreats, the Ranch is not available for weddings.

What kind of groups can come to The Bishop’s Ranch?

The Ranch serves a wide variety of groups:

  • Nonprofits (churches, school groups, etc.)
  • Government agencies
  • Clubs
  • Art/Craft groups
  • Family/Friend gatherings

Does The Bishop’s Ranch provide handicapped accessible accommodations?

Yes, each lodging building offers at least one ADA compliant bedroom and all meeting spaces accessible.

Do you have to be an Episcopalian to come to the Ranch?

No, The Bishop’s Ranch is open to a variety of nonprofit groups and individuals whether or not they are affiliated with the Episcopal church.