Will snacks be available during the retreat?

Groups are welcome to bring their own snacks.  A kitchen/kitchenette is available in each meeting location for snack and beverage storage.

For an additional charge, snack service can be added to your reservation.  Snacks provided by the Ranch will be available only at designated times and must be arranged at least two weeks in advance of the retreat.  Contact Leda Wagner, the Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 ext.102 or reservations@bishopsranch.org to request snack service.

Will coffee and tea be available during our retreat?

Whenever the kitchen is open for meal service, coffee and tea is available in the Refectory for all Ranch guests to enjoy.  Day use reservations include coffee and tea service upon arrival.

Can we do our own cooking while we’re at the Ranch?

No.  The kitchens within the guest accommodations are not set up for groups to prepare their own meals, but to provide a place for snacks and beverages.  The Ranch kitchen staff provides healthy, hearty, delicious meals for our guests.

Can our group bring wine to dinner?

You’re welcome to bring wine to dinner as long as there is not a youth group sharing the Refectory with you.  Contact Leda Wagner, the Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 ext.102 or reservations @bishopsranch.org to find out if you’re sharing the Ranch with one or more groups.

Do you offer vegetarian or other special diets meal options?

The Bishop’s Ranch kitchen can accommodate vegetarian/vegan diets, as well as medically necessary special diets for individuals with food allergies when notified in advance of the retreat.  Please make your retreat organizer(s) aware of your dietary needs or contact Leda Wagner, Reservations Coordinator at 707-433-2440 or reservations@bishopsranch.org so the information can be relayed to the Ranch kitchen.  If your diet is very specific, the Kitchen Manager may need to contact you, or you might be asked to supplement your meals at the Ranch with items from home.

What are the meals times?

Meals are served in the Refectory at the following times;

  • 8:00 am breakfast
  • 12:30 pm lunch
  • 6:30 pm dinner

How are meals served at the Ranch?

The meals at The Bishop’s Ranch are served buffet style.  Guests sit together at pre-determined tables labeled with the group name.  For those on self-directed retreats, a table will be marked for individuals