Sign up for an Intergenerational Camp

Registration Instructions

Please know that you will need to complete the entire application once you start the process. You cannot answer one section and then return to it later. The information will not be saved. Each section of the registration must be completed in full before continuing on to the next. Here is a list of the information you’ll need beyond the basics:

General Information

– Camper’s Names and Ages
– Emergency Contact Information (1-2 people in addition to primary caregiver(s))

Camper’s Medical Information

– Insurance Policy Number
– Physician Name/Healthcare Provider and Phone Number
– Dietary Restrictions
– Medical Condition Information
– Date of Last Tetanus Shot (NOTE – campers must be up to date on all immunizations!)
– List of Medications/Doses (prescription and over-the-counter)

Scholarship Requests

-You will need to submit a scholarship request form to your home parish, if applicable.
-Forms are available on The Bishop’s Ranch website and a link will be included in the confirmation you receive after registering your family.
-If you do not belong to a parish, you may still apply for a scholarship using the same form.

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