Covid-19 Safety Protocols for the 2021 Summer Camp Season at the Bishop’s Ranch

Dear campers and families,

We are so excited to be hosting in-person camp sessions this summer at the Ranch. Our aim is to provide familiar programming and community with slight modifications that will ensure camper and staff safety and health.

Please carefully read the policies listed below, and initial by each line to indicate your agreement. These policies are in line with the current guidance from the State of California and the County of Sonoma. These policies may be updated at any time if we receive new information from the state or county.

Before Camp

_____  All Counselors and Staff will be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. If they cannot be vaccinated, they will quarantine at the Ranch, and provide a negative Covid test before the start of the camp session.

_____ All Campers are asked to isolate from people outside their family units for at least 10 days prior to camp. When isolation is not possible, campers are asked to practice mask wearing and social distancing.

_____ All campers and staff who are not fully vaccinated will provide proof of a negative viral test taken no more than 1–3 days before arriving at camp.

_____ All campers need to pack at least 12 masks. Masks should fit properly and cover both the nose and the mouth. Masks can be cloth or disposable. Gaters and face shields are not acceptable. 

_____ Monitor your camper and household for Covid-19 symptoms. If any occur, call the Camp Director and do not come on campus for the session.

At Check-in

______ Please maintain six feet distance between households during drop-off and pick-up.             

______ Everyone will be required to wear masks at drop-off and pick-up.

______ Camper drop-off will include a symptom check at registration. We will do our best to make registration as speedy as possible, but be aware that it may take longer than it has in the past.

______ At Check-in, all campers and their households will be asked to sign a symptom checklist attesting that they do not have any of the stated symptoms.  

_____ All campers will have a contact-free temperature check at check-in.

During Camp

______ We will do a symptom check for all campers every day. Any campers or staff exhibiting symptoms will be immediately isolated in a designated area with two caregivers. A parent/guardian or designated person will be required to immediately pick up their camper from camp.

_____ Each camper will be assigned a cabin at check-in. That cabin will function as a cohort group. Cohorts will sleep in the same cabin, and eat at the same table. The cohort group is the only place where campers do not have to practice 6 feet of social distance and mask wearing. When cohorts mix for activities, activities will meet at least two out of the three criteria: outdoors, socially distanced, wearing masks.

_____ Indoor and outdoor dining will be available. All dining will be socially distanced and seated by cohort.

_____ Indoor spaces will be well ventilated with open windows. 

_____ Cabins and all indoor spaces will regularly be cleaned and sanitized.

_____ Deep cleaning will take place in between each camp session.

_____ Masks will not have to be worn for eating, drinking, or swimming. Campers will stay in their cohorts for these activities. 

_____ Campers will be encouraged to practice hand washing frequently. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout campus. 

_____ Camping programs will greatly reduce activities with shared equipment. In the instances where equipment is shared, it will be cleaned and sanitized after each use. Campers will be required to wash their hands afterwards as well. 

After Camp

_____ Camp staff and campers who are not fully vaccinated should get tested with a viral test 3–5 days after traveling home from camp AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 7 days after travel. 

_____ If a camper or staff receives a positive test result, the camper or staff will immediately contact the Camp Director and participate in contact tracing.