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A View from Here – 2020 Calendar

Ranch Calendar
Ranch Calendar
A lovely collection of paintings by Resident Artist, Lisa Thorpe, depict a year at the Ranch. Imagine yourself here as you see the seasons change with each new month. The quality prints can be repurposed as artwork at the end of the year.
$13 (tax and shipping included) price reduced

The Abundant Table

Our cookbook of favorite recipes from The Bishop’s Ranch kitchen! It is a beautifully designed, hardbound book that will delight anyone who appreciates a good cookbook. With recipes formatted one per page and binding that allows it to lie flat when open, this cookbook allows cooks to follow a recipe without smudging the pages with sticky fingers. It is filled with beautiful illustrations that compliment the recipes. Bon Appétit! $45 (tax and shipping included)      

Sales of the cookbook benefit the ongoing ministries of the Ranch.

All the Days of My Life

A beautiful collection of prose and poetry for each day of the year, compiled from the archives of Iona Center publications by Marv and Nancy Hiles.
$20 (tax and shipping included)