Chapel of St. George Furnishing Fund

Chapel Furnishings
Beautiful new chairs were installed at the Chapel of St. George the end of October. They give us maximum flexibility to meet the worship needs of different groups. Already they have been arranged and re-arranged into a multitude of worship configurations. A recent CREDO group moved them into a perfect circle, De La Salle High School arranged them into a more traditional altar-facing configuration, and the regular Sunday morning placement of the chairs in an almond-shape with three aisles on the main floor allows ample room for the piano to join the space. People have remarked about how open and spacious the chapel feels now.

We are most grateful to the people who made this project possible (see names below). In recognition, memorialized and honored names were read during the All Soul’s Day morning service on November 2nd, and included in a special service bulletin. The new chairs were dedicated at The Bishop’s Ranch Fall Board of Directors retreat on November 5th.

The chairs have opened up the possibility of different configurations for our Eucharistic worship, and to that end we are exploring other new furnishings for the chapel. Our goals are to add to the beauty of our worship and to give us more options for worship. One example would be to move the altar down the step into the midst of the congregation or, perhaps, to have a small group gather around the altar for Eucharist in the sanctuary. A baptismal font designed to go with the altar is also being considered. We’ll have more information about these furnishings in the coming months.

Sandra J. Ahn in memory of Lily Shinn Querido
Anonymous in memory of Sarah,
    Mary and Samuel
Chris Berardo in loving memory of Roland
    and Evvie Wiederanders
Bonnie Bishop and Priscella Camp in memory of
    Elva M. “Bucky” Buckhalter
Jim and Bente Carter
Kitty and Don de Brauwere in memory of mother,
    Beatrice Mary and grandmother, Beatrice Mary
The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A.D. Evans in memory of
    Ian and Frances Bradford
Richard and Judy Felton in memory of
    Helen and Carl Kinley, Gwendolyn
    and James Felton, and Polly Horn
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mr. James Forsyth
Marty and Joyce Griffin in honor of
    Joan Griffin and Gina’s Orchard
Craig Hartman and Jan O’Brien Family
    in memory of Robert Turner
Robert and Terry Herman
Jane Hetherington
John and Cynthia Howard in memory of
    Robert Howard, Ana Maria Dias,
    Samantha Howard and Veronica Howard
Linda D. James in memory of
    Elva Louise Goyer
The Rev. Vern Jones in memory of
    Cary “Casey” Jones
    and Agnes Reynolds Jones
Georgene Keeler in memory of
    The Rev. Cal Rutherford

Marti and Glen Kennedy for those who have
    no one to pray for them
Don and Lyn Klein in memory of
    George W. Whitaker and Donald L. Klein, Sr.Ross and Dorothy Laverty in memory of
    Penny Degrado
Dale Madden in memory of Wil Madden
W. Lynn McLaughlin and David L. Webb
    in memory of The Rev. Cal Rutherford
The Rev. Patricia Moore in memory of
    Dr. Vincent Harding
Betty S. Nolen in honor of the
    Rev. Royston T.S. Auelua
Craig Perlov and Dorothy Dickey
    in honor of Deanna Perlov
Susan Pierpoint in memory of Frances Pierpoint
Christopher and Caroline Putnam in memory of
    Louis Aubrey “Jim” De Catur
Catherine Pyke in memory of Liza Colton
Ray and Bill Riess
The Rev. Richard L. Schaper and
    The Rev. Anita Ostrom in memory of
    Frances Lana and Liza Colton
Rock and Marni Warner in memory of Vinny
Dewey and Susan Watson in memory of
    Leslie Bowman Marcus
Jerry and Eleanore Webster in memory of
    Webster and Wohlfarth family deceased
Kay Wells in memory of Ron Wells
Alta Whitt in memory of Stella Marie Liberto
Joan Withers Dinner in memory of Marshall Smith
Jon and Elizabeth Worden in memory of Rivers
Marisha and Paul Zeffer in memory of
    Mom and Dad

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