Summer Camp Staffing

All Summer Camp Staffing Jobs are seasonal. The Ranch Hand and Camp Program Coordinator positions are paid and last seven or nine weeks, and Volunteer positions work 1-4 weeks of the summer.

Camp Program Coordinator

The Camp Program Coordinator works alongside the Camp Director to create a safe, fun, and transformative camp experience for campers and staff. They are an energetic, flexible, and empathetic leader who conducts program planning, guides the camp schedule, and manages staff. They will be competent to lead the staff and be responsible for the camp program. For Intergenerational Camps and BREAD Camps, the Camp Program Coordinator will oversee staff coverage and supplies, and promote positive relationships. For BREAD camps, they will ensure all campers are constantly accounted for and will take leadership with night activities. When the Camp Director is off-site, they will check in with each staff member, address concerns, and oversee the day. During the spring before camp, they will assist with marketing, interviews, and preparation. They will co-facilitate Staff Training, camp setups, and Staff Closing. [job posting]

Opening for 2017, application deadline January 2

Ranch Hand

Ranch Hands create safe, fun, and transformative camp experiences for all. As a team, Ranch Hands provide continuity of program and ethos throughout all camps at The Bishop’s Ranch. During BREAD camps, Ranch Hands are first and foremost the counselors. During Intergenerational Camps, Ranch Hands take leadership with the youth-specific aspects and serve as support staff. Ranch Hands receive room, board and a stipend. [job posting]

Openings for 2017, application deadline February 1

Volunteer Counselor

Volunteer Counselors provide unpaid support to the camp staff for one or more sessions and receive one week of training. Volunteer positions are open for BREAD camps based on staffing needs after Ranch Hands have been hired. [job posting]

Openings for 2017, application deadline February 15