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Celtic Consciousness & Winter’s Stillness:
An Annual Retreat and School of Spiritual Practice with John Philip Newell

January 30-February 1, 2018

2 nights/6 meals (Tuesday dinner-Thursday lunch)
$350 commuter rate (meals included)
$440 standard occupancy (3-4 per room or cottage)
$490 double occupancy
$665 single occupancy

Join the second gathering of an annual event in Northern California to nurture a community of shared vision and transformative spiritual practice. The teaching activities will focus on the relationship between contemplation and action for wellbeing and healing in our lives and world. From the stillness of the winter earth new life rises. Out of the silence of the soul new vision emerges.

Our daily schedule will consist of prayer at the beginning and ending of each day, presentations by John Philip that focus especially on teachings from the Celtic tradition, meditative practices, silence, and sharing. All will have free time to hike and rest; meals will be taken in community and on the second night we will have a party to celebrate our time together.

John Philip Newell, internationally acclaimed Celtic teacher from Scotland, is the celebrated author of Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality. In 2011 he received the first-ever Contemplative Voices Award from the Shalem Institute in Washington DC for his work as poet, peacemaker, and scholar. Based in Edinburgh, where he does most of his writing, he is also the Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Spirituality at Iliff School of Theology in Denver where he teaches every spring. John Philip Newell is one of the most prominent Christian teachers of spirituality in the Western world and has authored over 15 books, including Christ of the Celts, Praying with the Earth, A New Harmony, and his most recent visionary title, The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings www.heartbeatjourney.org.

PLEASE REGISTER BY: January 16, 2018

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Ranch Quilt Retreat

February 11-15, 2018

4 nights/12 meals (Sunday dinner-Thursday lunch)
$335 commuter rate
$535 shared occupancy
$687 single occupancy

Make time for those unfinished projects or new endeavors at a four-night quilt retreat. With all meals provided and no chores in sight, beginning through advanced quilters can truly focus on their passion. You’ll have time to be with old friends and the opportunity to make new ones while working on your own projects or sharing your creativity with other participants. This retreat is intended to give you the time you need for yourself without formal instruction or sales pitches.

PLEASE REGISTER BY: February 1, 2018

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The Enneagram and the Spiritual Life

February 24, 2018, 9 am-5 pm

1 day/1 meal (Saturday lunch)
$110 per person

Explore the spiritual wisdom of this dynamic psychological system. Both beginners and those who have working knowledge of the Enneagram are welcome, as is anyone interested in examining the graced complexity of human nature and relationships with others and with the divine. The workshop will include an overview of the Enneagram and a thorough explanation of the nine strategies and their relationship to the whole, using anecdotes and illustrations from contemporary culture, both sacred and profane (often one and the same!), delivered with generous humor and group interaction. For those with a meditation, contemplative or centering prayer practice, time in the workshop will be devoted to those disciplines and ways the Enneagram can enhance their efficacy.

William D. Glenn MA, MDiv, practices psychotherapy and spiritual direction in Sonoma County and San Francisco. He was introduced to the Enneagram in 1978 and has worked with its intuitive principles both in his clinical and spiritual practices and as a workshop leader for over 35 years. A former Jesuit, Glenn has worked extensively in schools, in health care communities, in prisons, and has provided leadership for many Bay Area nonprofit organizations.

PLEASE REGISTER BY: February 17, 2018

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Spring Wildflower Hike

March 17, 2018, 9:30 am-3 pm

1 day/1 meal (sack lunch)
$17 per person

Join us for a Saturday to witness and be inspired by the remarkable diversity among more than one hundred types of wildflowers that grow on the Ranch lands in spring. These living gems respond in their unique way to the universal imperative, blooming in their own time. Be prepared to walk five miles at a rambling pace, taking time to discuss what we find, with several hundred feet of elevation change. Bring sturdy shoes, a water bottle, a raingear if necessary, and a backpack to carry your Ranch-prepared lunch. Cameras and binoculars are great too.


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A Retreat for Men

March 9-11, 2018

2 nights/6 meals (Friday dinner-Sunday lunch)
$215 per person – commuter rate (meals included)
$265 per person – dorm occupancy (5-8 per cottage)
$345 per person – double occupancy (2 per room)

From the personal to the archetypal, the mundane to the sacred, we are each a collection of stories. Some short, sweet and already complete, others rambling, reaching and as yet undefined. How do we carry our stories through life’s challenges and joys? Now is the time, when men’s roles are being questioned and challenged, for each of us to articulate the story we tell ourselves about our own lives. Who are we in relation to our life’s goal, to women, to our families, our daily work, to some sense of deity or purpose in our lives? The stories we tell ourselves affect who we become and how we live. Is your inner story liberating or limiting, do you celebrate or condemn yourself? Our lives are tapestries woven from the stories we tell ourselves. Come, discover and share yours?

Hari Meyers, father of five, has taught literature, practiced family therapy, and has been an organizer of the Redwood Men’s Center Conferences for 28 years. He is best-known for the mythological stories he has told in all sorts of settings, from grade school to a cruise ship that circumnavigated the entire globe.

Gordon Pugh is a Core Strengths Life Coach and Improv Artist. He has co-created the RMC men’s conference for over 20 years. Using Creative Arts and the Internal Family Systems model, Gordon works with individuals and groups to bring creativity and playfulness to any environment. He is a father of two and an independent tile contractor for 30 years.


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Encaustic Collage Retreat

May 19-20,2018

1 night/4 meals (Saturday lunch-Sunday lunch)
All art supplies included
$205 commuter (Saturday and Sunday lunches only)
$290 double occupancy
$340 single occupancy (very limited)

Join the Ranch’s resident artist Lisa Thorpe for an intimate workshop to explore encaustic collage techniques. Create small collage pieces on wood using art papers, old maps, photos, and other ephemera, to be covered with hot encaustic medium (a mixture of resin and beeswax). The retreat includes demos of techniques and lots of time to play and experiment. All materials are included and no prior experience is needed. For examples of Lisa’s art, take a look at her website: lisathorpe.com


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